Workshop on 'standing firm' with Pascale Vacher

Sun, 11 Aug 2024

This workshop focuses on standing postures which are the foundation of our yoga practice.

These poses offer a host of benefits in and of themselves but also teach us key actions essential to all the different groups of asanas and more advanced poses, including inversions. They tone and strengthen our bodies, improve flexibility, balance and stability, and enhance physiological functions. They also cultivate stamina and will power, bring vitality and energy to our bodies, and enhance our mental clarity and emotional stability.

These longer sessions complement our regular usual classes, giving a bit more time to deepen understanding of Introductory level asanas and explore their relationships to more complex asanas. They may also help consolidate a budding home practice.

They are open to all Iyengar yoga students, but particularly designed for those regularly attending beginners or general level classes. Please ask if unsure.


Booking is essential. Please contact the teacher in advance to ensure this workshop event is suitable and discuss any health issues or injuries that may affect your practice.
To book and get further details, please email Pascale ( in advance of the class.
If you have not done so before (or if your contact details or health condition have changed) please complete the confidential registration and health form.


Sun, 11 Aug 2024
10:00am - 12:30 pm
ZagYoga Iyengar Studio (S2)
£25 (concession rate £20)
Open to all


Cancellation details

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel this workshop we will put a message on the website and, if you have booked in advance and provided contact details, we will try our best to contact you and give you a full refund. We cannot be liable for any additional expenses that you may have incurred as a result.
If you can no longer attend the workshop please email Pascale ( ASAP. A refund will be given for cancellations more than 10 days before the event (minus a £5 admin fee).