A Yoga Room (S11)

Bents Drive, Sheffield, S11 9RP

Pascale Vacher currently teaches a range of online Iyengar yoga classes and weekend workshops from in her yoga studio.
She also offers face-to-face and online individual (or small group) sessions from the studio (and face-to-face classes at the Ecclesall Library).

Classes with Pascale Vacher

Yoga classes and workshops with Pascale at A Yoga Room are currently delivered online .

The timetable of online (live streamed) classes is:

  • Tuesday, 9.15am to 11.00am - Level 3 (Intermediate)
  • Tuesday, 6.30pm to 8.00pm - Level 1 (Beginners)
  • Thursday, 6.45pm to 8.30pm - Level 3 (Intermediate)
  • Friday, 9.30am to 11.00am - Levels 1/2 (Beginners/General)
  • Saturday, 8.30am to 9.30am - Active class Levels 2/3 (General/Intermediate)

These classes are open to all with different levels to suit all abilities and experience. If you are new to yoga or have never attended a class with Pascale please ask to check availability on a suitable class.

The number of participants is limited to 20 for the online classes to allow the teacher to see and correct everyone where needed during the classes.

To simplify registration and bookings a 5-week subscription will give you access to one - or more - weekly classes. Class fees are indicated in the Class Costs section at the bottom of ths page.

Each block runs for 5 weeks. To book for a block of classes, drop-in for an individual class (or possibly join part way through a block), please check availability with the teacher (pascaleyog@gmail.com or 07941646418), then send payment by BACS – account details will be forwarded to you when you book. You will receive an invitation to your class(es) with a link and password that you will need to join online.

Restorative/pranayama classes, 1:1 and smaller group sessions are also available. Just ask.
Longer workshops are to be booked and paid separately. See our events page for details.

For additional details about the online classes, how to book, prepare for and login to join a class please see the online classes brief. Please note that by signing up for online classes you agree to this disclaimer. You also agree not to record the classes and communicate the links to other people who have not booked for the classes. 

You need to complete the confidential registration and health form and update it if you situation changes.

If you have any question about this, please email Pascale.

Stay safe and keep up your practice.



Bents Drive, Sheffield, S11 9RP

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Pascale Vacher



Day & Time Level More Info
09:15 - 11:00
Intermediate 2
18:30 - 20:00
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Open to all
18:45 - 20:30
Intermediate 2
09:30 - 11:00
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Intermediate 1
08:30 - 09:30
Beginner 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2

Class Costs

Typically, bookings are made for per block. Each block runs for 5 weeks. This registers you for one face-to-face weekly classes and gives you access to reduced fees for additional online classes::

  • £45 for 1 online class per week for Levels 1 and 2 classes or £50 for the longer Level 3 online classes
  • An additional £20 for 2 online classes per week or £25 for any number of online classes per week.
  • Drop-in rates are £11 (shorter classes) and £12 (longer classes). If you have already booked for one class, any additional online drop-in class in that block is just £6.
  • Concession rates are available - contact Pascale for details.


Booking is essential. Please contact the teacher. in advance to ensure that class or event is suitable and discuss any health issues or injuries that may affect your practice.
Before your first class (or when your contact details or health condition change) complete the confidential registration and health form.
For details about preparing for a yoga class please ask the teacher.

Download more details 

Cancellation Policy

For workshops only... In the unlikely event that a workshop has to be cancelled, a message will be posted on the website and, if you have provided contact details with your booking, we will do our best to contact you. You will receive a full refund, but we cannot be liable for any additional expenses.
If you are no longer able to attend an event that you have booked, please inform Pascale (pascale@gmail.com or 07941646418) ASAP. If you cancel more than 7 days before the event we will give you a full refund. After that date, unless a replacement can be found, a £5 cancellation fee will be due.

Our privacy policy can be found here.

General Enquiries

Please contact Pascale Vacher (pascaleyog@gmail.com or 07941646418) for further information.
See details of our privacy policy .

Latest Events

Currently no upcoming events in this venue. Please check our events page for all Iyengar yoga events with these teachers and others in Sheffield.

1 to 1 Tuition

Please do not hesitate to contact Pascale Vacher to discuss this. These 1-to-1 or small groups sessions can cover personalised feedback with practice, support with getting started with Iyengar yoga before attending public classes, help with designing a home practice programme, guidance on how to practise with a specific focus (e.g., improving back bends, overcoming fear of inverted poses, using equipment for particular stiffness, etc.). These classes are either taking place online (via Zoom) or in a fully-equipped yoga space in Bents Green at a time mutually convenient. Cost: £50 per session (typically 1-hour long). Cost for longer sessions, regular classes or small groups may vary. Please ask. Please note that in case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the arranged time the fee will be due in full.