A Yoga Room (S11)

10 Bents Drive, Sheffield, S11 9RP

Pascale Vacher teaches small Iyengar yoga classes and weekend workshops (6 places max), as well as individual guided practice and private tuition in this little studio. The studio is fully equipped.
Booking is essential for these events.

Other classes and workshops with Pascale Vacher

For regular classes with Pascale check the Silverdale school venue on our Classes page and workshops in other venues on our Events page .



10 Bents Drive, Sheffield, S11 9RP

Directions & Parking

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General Enquiries

Please contact Pascale Vacher (pascale_vacher@yahoo.co.uk or 07941646418) for further information.

Latest Events

Currently no upcoming events in this venue. Please check our events page for all Iyengar yoga events with these teachers and others in Sheffield.

1 to 1 Tuition

Please do not hesitate to contact Pascale Vacher to discuss this. These 1-to-1 or small groups sessions can cover personalised feedback with practice, support with getting started with Iyengar yoga before attending public classes, help with designing a home practice programme, guidance on how to practise with a specific focus (e.g., improving back bends, overcoming fear of inverted poses, using equipment for particular stiffness, etc.). These classes are held in a fully-equipped yoga space in Bents Green and arranged at a time mutually convenient. Cost: £45 per session (typically 75-minute long). Cost for longer sessions, regular classes or small groups may vary. Please ask.